The Prodigy is a compact, but powerful system able to handle all your computing tasks with style.  Based on the BitFenix Prodigy case, this system features the powerful quad-core AMD APU with Radeon R7 graphics, and is available in a variety of colors.

The Prodigy system features the latest AMD APU processor, USB 3.0 connectivity, built-in wi-fi, Gigabit Ethernet, plenty of RAM to quickly edit pictures, play games, or any other computer duties.  Equipped with a Solid State storage drive, and 2 Terabytes of Hard Drive space, This computer will blow you away with it's speed and effeciency.  For those concened about engery usage, the Prodigy comes equipped with a high-effeiciency power supply, to keep power usage low.  Available with Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 Home.

Prodigy A10 Specs:

  • AMD  A10-7870K Quad Core Processor at 3.2Ghz
  • AMD Radeon R7 Graphics
  • 8 Gigabytes DDR2133 RAM
  • 275 Gigabyte Solid State storage drive
  • 2 Terabyte Hard Drive
  • 24X DVD Burner
  • 400 Watt 80 Plus Gold energy efficient power supply
  • Your choice of Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 Professional installed

      Base Price:  $849.00